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What is EMtone London?

EMtone is an innovative aesthetic treatment that is revolutionizing the fight against cellulite. Combining both radiofrequency and TPE (Targeted Pressure Energy) into one synergistic treatment, EMtone London aims to provide results that neither technology can achieve on its own.

It works by reducing fat, regenerating collagen fibers to restore the skin’s elasticity, and boosting blood flow and metabolic waste removal. In doing so, it targets the root causes of cellulite rather than just suppressing its symptoms. The result? Improved skin texture, increased elasticity and a smoother, more defined silhouette. With EMtone, you can finally say goodbye to cellulite worries – for good!

How Does EMtone London Work?

EMtone London simultaneously emits both radiofrequency and TPE (Targeted pressure energy).

When these technologies are combined into one treatment, there is a synergistic effect that neither technology can achieve on its own.

It results in diminishing of fat chambers, remodeling of collagen fibers, restoring skin elasticity, increase in blood flow and metabolic waste removal.

Skin Texture Improvement

Damaged collagen fibers, enlarged fat chambers, loss of skin elasticity, poor blood flow, accumulation of metabolic waste: EMtone London addresses the root causes of cellulite instead of suppressing the symptoms.

Say Goodbye to Cellulite with EMtone London

A novel treatment for cellulite and loose skin is called EMtone. It enhances the texture of the skin and promotes the formation of collagen by combining radiofrequency and focused pressure energy. With this non-invasive method, bid adieu to obstinate cellulite and hello to smoother, firmer skin. Experience noticeable outcomes with less downtime.

Benefits of EMtone

EMtone has a lot to offer in terms of body shaping. It combines radiofrequency and focused pressure energy to effectively eliminate cellulite and improve skin firmness. This non-invasive procedure tightens and smoothes the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin. EMtone is a potent choice for body rejuvenation, with little downtime and significant benefits after a few sessions.