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HIFU Treatment | HIFU Before and After Ultracel Q+

Ultracel Q+ utilises high intensity focused ultrasound for ultimate HIFU treatment, HIFU before and after results firms, lifts and helps skin tightening. Achieve a fresher, younger-looking appearance with long-lasting results. Read on to discover how HIFU can help regenerate collagen in your skin!

What is HIFU Treatment?

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a non-surgical treatment that uses ultrasound to lift, firm and tighten the skin. This treatment gives focused ultrasound energy underneath the skin, enabling the layers of skin to contract in a single treatment! This process promotes new collagen formation in the treated area, effectively tightening, lifting, and strengthening the facial skin. It initiates the restorative process on the skin and helps to generate fresh, sturdier, new collagen.

Key Benefits 

  • It provides an array of benefits for those seeking cosmetic improvements without the risks and costs of invasive surgery.

  • Non-surgical nature makes HIFU less invasive than a traditional facelift, resulting in reduced discomfort and fewer risks.

  • As a non-invasive procedure, there is no recovery time, enabling you to promptly resume your regular daily activities. This characteristic makes it well-suited for individuals leading busy lifestyles.

  • It offers stunning and long-lasting results, with noticeable skin improvement after just one treatment.

  • With proper aftercare, HIFU results can last for many months, providing impressive improvements that people will notice and appreciate. Results can even endure for up to a year in some cases.

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Carmen Muñoz
Carmen Muñoz
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Yesterday I had my last HIFU treatment session. I wanted to thank Tatiana because I love how she gave me the treatment. They are all super nice.

HIFU Before and After

*Every patient is a unique individual and every treatment has unique aspects. Therefore, results may vary.

How Does HIFU Work?

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It’s a non-invasive treatment that uses high-energy ultrasound waves to target deep layers of the skin and underlying tissues. These ultrasound waves generate heat, which triggers collagen production and tightens the skin, resulting in a lifting effect.

The procedure is quite straightforward and typically lasts around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the treated area. Medical professionals often use it for facial lifting, effectively reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, providing a more youthful appearance.

Advantages of HIFU Treatment

  • HIFU treatment stands out for its high effectiveness in facelifts, delivering exceptional results without invasive surgery.

  • The procedure is non-invasive, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking facial enhancements without undergoing surgical procedures.

  • HIFU treatments are relatively brief, requiring minimal time for completion, and are generally well-tolerated with only minimal discomfort for patients.

  • One of the significant advantages is the absence of downtime, allowing individuals to resume their regular activities immediately after the procedure.

  • HIFU treatment triggers collagen production through high-intensity focused ultrasound waves, resulting in skin tightening and lifting effects. This process effectively reduces wrinkles and fine lines, contributing to a more youthful appearance.

  • Positive HIFU face and neck lift, HIFU reviews reflect client satisfaction and highlight the treatment’s efficacy and gratifying outcomes.

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    Ultracel Q+ HIFU Treatment

    Countless clients have experienced and showcased the amazing results of HIFU Facial treatments with Ultracel Q+  treatment-focused Ultrasound. Ultracel Q+ can dramatically transform facial skin, making it the most effective non-surgical facelift on the market. Targeting facial muscles and skin, Ultracel Q+ treatment delivers a much tighter, firmer, and more youthful complexion as expected.

    If you’re looking for a natural, non-invasive approach for firmer, younger-looking skin, look no further than HIFU Facelift treatments. Many achieve impressive before and after results from their Ultracel Q+ facial treatments. These treatments effectively address fine lines and wrinkles with long-lasting solutions.

    Find HIFU Treatment Near Me?

    There are various effective ways to find HIFU near you. Start by seeking referrals from friends, family, or colleagues, asking about their experiences and results. Additionally, you can read online reviews from other customers to gain insights into their experiences and outcomes.

    Another approach is to search in Google HIFU treatment London. With these helpful tips, finding the HIFU treatment center nearest to you becomes a straightforward task. Consider Halcyon Medispa with experienced doctor OBT in London, offering one of the best options for facelift treatments.


    It works by delivering high-energy ultrasound waves to targeted skin areas, stimulating collagen production for skin tightening and lifting.

    It’s generally safe, with minimal risks. It is a non-surgical procedure, avoiding the need for incisions or injections.

    This treatment commonly addresses facial rejuvenation by targeting areas like the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck.

    It is well-tolerated by most patients and is generally not painful. Some individuals may experience slight discomfort during the procedure.

    The duration of a treatment typically lasts around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the treated areas.

    Some patients notice immediate improvements, but the full results develop gradually over several weeks as collagen production increases.

    The results can last for several months to a year.

    There is usually no downtime after treatment, allowing patients to resume their regular activities immediately.

    Yes, it provides a non-invasive facelift effect. This treatment stimulates collagen production and tightens the skin, leading to a lifted and more youthful appearance. It is a popular choice for those seeking a non-surgical alternative to traditional facelift procedures.

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