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Top 10 Hyperhidrosis Treatments in London in 2024

Top 10 Excessive Sweating Treatments in London in 2024

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes excessive sweating. This can be a challenging condition to manage and can sometimes disrupt your day and may even cause anxiety. Though you’re not alone, millions of people around the world face this condition.

Fortunately, hyperhidrosis treatment in London can effectively cure this condition for you. There are numerous treatments available to treat this condition. But with so many options how can you choose the perfect one? We have broken down the best treatments to help you find the one that suits your unique needs and goals.

List of Top 10 Hyperhidrosis Treatments in London in 2024

1.Botox Injections
2.Topical Antiperspirants
4.Oral Medications
5.Miradry Treatment
7.Laser Treatments
8.Radiofrequency Treatment
9.Clothing Choices
10.Dietary Adjustments and Natural Remedies

1. Botox Injections

Botox injections are one of the most popular treatments to help treat hyperhidrosis. Doctors insert small amounts of Botox into the sweat glands to block the nerves that stimulate sweat production. This can significantly reduce sweating in the targeted areas.

People commonly use Botox for sweating to treat areas like underarms, feet, palms, and hands. Botox injections can provide relief from sweating in these targeted areas for several months and offer quick and noticeable results.

botox injections

2. Topical Antiperspirants

Antiperspirants are products that contain active ingredients like aluminum chloride made specially to help reduce excessive sweating. Doctors usually consider these products as the first line of defense against sweating compared to other alternatives. They work by blocking the sweat glands temporarily and prevent mild to moderate sweating.

Topical antiperspirants offer a readily available solution to effectively combat mild hyperhidrosis. Doctors often recommend these products for use before considering a major treatment.

topical antiperspirants

3. Iontophoresis

A non-invasive and painless procedure that makes use of electric currents to temporarily reduce excessive sweating. This hyperhidrosis treatment deactivates the sweat glands for a short period of time. The procedure involves placing the target areas in water and then passing mild currents through the water.

The treatment is perfect for reducing sweating in areas like the hands and feet. However, you may need multiple sessions for effective and optimal results. This treatment is a safe and minimally invasive alternative for individuals avoidant of undergoing extensive surgery.


4. Oral Medications

In most cases to combat sweating and perspiration, your doctors may prescribe you oral medications as an excessive sweating treatment. Medications like anticholinergics are usually prescribed to slow down the activity of the sweat glands. These medications work by blocking acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is involved in the working of the sweat glands.

Although you can consider these medications an effective and minimally invasive treatment, they may have their own side effects. These side effects may include blurred vision, dry mouth, and difficulty urinating. It is essential to discuss these side effects with a physician before opting for a hyperhidrosis treatment.

5. Miradry Treatment

Miradry treatment, also known as the microwave treatment, is an effective treatment against hyperhidrosis. This procedure uses microwave energy to effectively target and destroy the sweat glands. The treatment often targets and destroys sweat glands in the underarm area permanently.

This treatment can provide a permanent relief to excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis in the underarms. The FDA approves the procedure and deems it a safe and harm-free treatment. It has become a popular option due to its long-lasting results and little recovery time. However, you may need multiple sessions to achieve long-lasting results.

6. Sympathectomy

A surgical treatment for excessive sweating that involves cutting or clamping the nerve responsible for excessive sweating. This treatment is only used for severe cases where other alternatives fail to provide any effective results.

It is a highly effective treatment against sweating but carries numerous side effects. These side effects include sweating in other areas due to sweat build up in the targeted areas. It is necessary that you discuss your concerns and condition with a qualified practitioner. This will help you ensure whether the treatment is right for you or not.

7. Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are also considered an effective option against excessive sweating. These treatments include using intense laser energy to effectively target and get rid of sweat glands. Laser offers a permanent solution against hyperhidrosis and is usually carried out in the underarm area.

The treatment is a minimally invasive and surgery-free alternative to traditional treatments. It offers a permanent and long-lasting solution to sweating without any potential risks or side effects. The treatment is usually performed under mild anesthesia to ensure minimal discomfort and a quick recovery.

laser treatments

8. Radiofrequency Treatment

A highly effective hyperhidrosis treatment that involves using electromagnetic energy to destroy the sweat glands. The procedure heats up the sweat glands and destroys them permanently in an efficient manner. However, numerous sessions may be required to ensure a long-lasting relief against excessive sweating.

This treatment is a highly effective alternative to traditional alternatives, targeting sweat glands of areas like underarms, hand, and feet. It offers a minimally invasive option for those who want to combat sweating without facing an extensive surgery.

radiofrequency treatment

9. Clothing Choices

Though this may not necessarily be a hyperhidrosis treatment, it can surely make a significant difference against sweating. Try going for light and airy clothing like cotton and linen that are more breathable as compared to other alternatives.

These fabrics are more light on the skin and allow your skin to breathe. Another option that can help you feel dry and comfortable is moisture-wicking clothing.

10. Dietary Adjustments and Natural Remedies

Foods and beverages like spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol can also be the reason for hyperhidrosis, triggering sweat response. Dietary changes and stress management can significantly help in reducing excessive sweating. Identify your triggers and make adjustments accordingly to combat sweating effectively.

Natural remedies like witch hazel and sage tea can also be helpful in reducing mild to moderate sweating. Though these options may not be as effective as other treatments, they do offer a natural and healthy approach. They can be a valuable addition to other treatments and carry numerous health benefits as well.

dietary adjustments and natural remedies


Hyperhidrosis is a common concern against many individuals that can have a great impact on your quality of life. To get rid of excessive sweating, you can either go for natural remedies and other lifestyle adjustments or a treatment. These treatments have their pros and cons, but with the right approach and consultation, you can address your concerns properly.

When going for an excessive sweating treatment it is important that you consult a qualified professional beforehand. This will help you avoid any potential health risks and side effects and ensure a smooth and safe treatment. With a proper health plan and balanced lifestyle, you can get rid of sweating in a matter of few months.

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