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Which Laser Hair Removal Is Best in the London

Laser Hair Removal in London

Laser hair removal in London has become an increasingly popular and renowned beauty practice. Many people do not prefer to remove their hair every now and then. The reason behind the popularity of laser hair removal. It offers a relatively long-term solution as compared to traditional hair removal methods. Besides freeing you from body hair for a long time. Laser skin treatment also leaves you with a smooth and soft skin afterwards.

However, with so many laser hair removal options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about where to go and which treatment to choose. Especially considering your unique needs and skin type. Luckily for you, we have run the errands for you and have found out the best laser hair removal options for you in London. It will perfectly satisfy all your needs and match your preferences.

Things to keep in mind:

Laser hair removal is not a one-size-fits-all solution. As there are multiple things that you have to keep in mind before getting one to see if it really is suitable for you and your skin. Here are some of these factors.

1. Hair color and thickness

Laser skin treatment works best on hair that contains more melanin. So the darker and coarser the hair, the more effective the laser treatment will be. Light colored hair or thinner hair may take more time to get rid of completely. It may even require multiple sessions or might even not respond well to the treatment sometimes.

2. Skin Tone

Melanin is a crucial factor to be considered when going for a laser beauty treatment. The lasers having shorter wavelengths are the best for people with lighter skin tones and dark colored hair. Whereas, lasers having relatively higher wavelengths are said to be more suitable for darker skin tones. As they reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation and other harmful side effects to the skin.

skin tone

3. Treatment Area

The area where you receive laser treatment is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing laser hair removal. As different parts of the body respond differently to laser treatments. Areas where thicker hair are found like the legs, back and underarm, are said to require fewer sessions. Whereas areas having thinner hair like the face or bikini line may require more sessions and even delayed results.

treatment area

4. Budget

Laser hair removal cost is mainly based on the factors mentioned above. Hair removal for larger areas or finer hair where more sessions are required may cost you more as compared to the regular laser hair removal. However, many clinics offer package deals and even provide the facility of financing. Just make the treatment easier and more affordable for the client.


5. Pain Tolerance

Many laser skin treatments tend to use lasers that can cause slight discomfort during the treatment. However, most lasers come with cooling mechanisms that provide immediate relief. But some technologies might feel better on your skin than others, depending on your preferences. Which is why, it is better to discuss these factors with your laser practitioner beforehand. It will help you to avoid any severe complications or harm to your skin.

pain tolerance

Types of laser treatments:

1. Alexandrite laser treatment

A powerful and effective option for treating lighter skin tones and targeting rough and loose hair. The alexandrite laser skin treatment delivers rapid pulses of light. Making up for faster treatment times and quickly removing the hair.

However, people generally prefer this treatment for relatively larger areas like the back and legs. Experts generally don’t recommend the alexandrite laser for darker skin tones. Because it carries a higher risk of hyperpigmentation and can cause permanent damage to darker skin.

2. Diode laser treatment

In London, it’s a commonly used laser for hair removal because it offers a much broader wavelength than the alexandrite laser. Making it a more flexible option for treating a wider range of skin tones.

People mainly use this to target light to medium hair colors and even tanned skin. It is a go-to option for removing hair from places like underarms and bikini lines, due to its broader wavelength.

Diode laser treatment

3. IPL

Intense Pulsed Light treatment, one of the leading laser beauty treatments. Isn’t technically a laser treatment, but it’s often classified as one because it uses high-intensity pulsed light. This treatment uses a broad-spectrum light to target hair follicles. It’s generally considered to be less powerful than other laser treatments.

It may even require more consultations and touch ups to maintain a consistent and perfect result. As it does not entirely target the hair follicles in one go. Though IPL may not be much effective for other people. It is still a far better option for people with really light skin tones, and really fine hair. Especially in the case of facial hair removal.

4. Nd:YAG

Nd:YAG is the most common laser hair removal in London used all across the world due to its relatively broader wavelength as compared to all the other lasers which makes it a safer option for all skin tones. The laser’s long wavelength is known to penetrate deep into the skin with very little melanin absorption.

Though the Nd:YAG is an effective laser treatment, this laser hair removal cost more as multiple sessions are required to achieve smooth and hair-free skin for a longer time span as compared to other laser hair removal options.  The Nd;YAG is mainly used for removing hair from areas like face, arms and legs especially on individuals having darker skin tones.


By understanding your specific preferences and skin type by consulting your practitioner you can get the best laser hair removal in London which is sure to show long-term results leaving you with soft and smooth hair-free skin. Always consider the type of laser and the important factors mentioned earlier to achieve optimal results from your laser treatment, while also preventing any harm or permanent skin damage.

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