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Consultation with Dr. OBT - Non Refundable / Non Redeemable£150
Halcyon Anti Wrinkle Treatments
1 Area£200
2 Areas£300
3 Areas£375
4 Areas£400
Areas Include: frown lines, forehead lines,crows feet, corner of the mouth, dimpled chins
Gummy Smile£200
Lip Flip£200
Neferiti Neck Lift £400
Trapezius £550
Masseter (For Jaw Slimming / Prevent Teeth grinding) £550
Muscle Relaxing Injections Hyderhidrosis (Excess Sweating)£550
Halcyon Dermal Filler Treatments
Dermal Filler (Per ml)£375
Lip Filler £400
Tear Trough Filler£650
Liquid Rhinoplasty£650
Ellanse (Per Syringe)£500
Radiesse (Per Syringe)£800
Sculptra (Per Vial)£800
Halcyon Dermal Filler Packages
For profile balancing, facelift, beautification and masculinisation. Areas Include: lips, nose, cheeks, jaw, chin, smile line, tear trough. Note: all filler must be used in a single visit.
Halcyon Dermal Filler Dissolving Treatments
Halcyon Skin Boosters Treatments
Profhilo -  Face or Neck £275
PRP - Undereye£325
Biostimulatory Polynucleotides £350
Mesotherapy £450
Halcyon Hair Treatments
PRP Hair Regeneration Therapy £420
Exosomes Hair Regeneration Therapy£650
Halcyon Fat Dissolving  reatments - Starting Price
Lemonbottle - Under Chin£175
Aqualyx - Under Chin£200
Body Area £475
Halcyon Ultherapy Treatment
Brow /Eye Lift£525
Neck £1,700
Lower Half Face£2,200
Full Face£2,900
Full Face & Neck£3,800
Lower Half Face & Neck£2,900
Halcyon Skin Treatments
Led Light £50
Hydrafacial Signature£125
Hydrafacial Platinum £180
Hydrafacial - Full Back£250
Hydrafacial - Booster Add on£40
Fire and Ice Facial£175
Aerolase Therapy£220
**Additional £50 to add neck**
Halcyon Bespoke Facials
Signature Glow Facial £190
Glow and Tight Therapy £200
Glow, Tight and Bright Therapy£220
Luxury Glow Facial£200
Aerolase + Peel Therapy£340
**Additional £50 to add neck**
Halcyon Beauty Treatment
Halcyon Chemical Peel Treatments
Face (For Acne. Pigmentation, Photoaging)£150
Body (Starting charges )£150
Bio Repeel Glow Peel£180
Cosmelan Peel£1,200
Dermamelan Depigmentation Peel£1,400
Dermamelan Intimate Brightening Peel£900
Halcyon Microneedling Without RF Treatments
Full Face£170
Full Face & Neck£270
Full Face with PRP£300
Full Face & Neck with PRP£400
Body (Measuring a palm)£170

**Additional £100 with Dr OBT**
Halcyon Vivace RF Microneedling Treatments
Full Face or Neck£400
Full Face & Neck£500
Full Face or Neck with PRP£600
Full Face & Neck with PRP£700
Full Face or Neck with Exosomes £700
Full Face & Neck with Exosomes £800
Body Per Area (Starting Charges)£400

**Additional £100 with Dr OBT**
Halcyon Exion RF Microneedling Treatments
Full Face or Neck£500
Full Face & Neck£600
Full Face or Neck with PRP£650
Full Face & Neck with PRP£750
Full Face or Neck with Exosomes £900
Full Face & Neck with Exosomes £1,000
Body Per Area (Starting Charges)£500

**Additional £100 with Dr OBT**
Halcyon Skin Tightening Treatments
BTL Exilis 360
Lower Face£150
Neck £150
Full Face £190
Lower Face & Neck£190
Full Face & Neck£250
 BTL Exion
Lower Face£250
Neck £250
Full Face £290
Lower Face & Neck£290
Full Face & Neck£350
Halcyon Ultracel Q+ HIFU Non Surgical Face Lift Treatment
Face £750
Face & Neck £950
**Additional £100 with Dr OBT**
Halcyon Body Treatments
BTL Exilis 360 (For Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening)£250
BTL Exion Body (For Skin Laxity and Localised Fat)£290
BTL Emsculpt Neo (For Fat Reduction and Muscle Toning)£350
Halcyon Intimate Health and Wellbeing Treatments
BTL Exilis For Intimate Tightening£450
BTL Exion For Intimate Tightening£550
Halcyon Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Small AreasPer SessionCourse of 6 Course of 8
Upper Lip£45£148£180
Naval Lines£45£148£180
Side Burns£45£148£180
Medium AreasPer SessionCourse of 6 Course of 8
Lip and Chin£60£198£240
Neck (Front or Back)£60£198£240
Half Arms£60£198£240
Hands and Fingers£60£198£240
Feet and Toes£60£198£240
Peri Anal£60£198£240
Half Legs£60£198£240
Large AreasPer SessionCourse of 6 Course of 8
Full Face£76£248£299
Full Arms£76£248£299
Full Back£76£248£299
Hollywood/Brazilian Bikini**£76£248£299
Chest and Stomach£76£248£299
Full Legs£76£248£299
Combined AreasPer SessionCourse of 6 Course of 8
Brazilian/ Hollywood and Underarms£135£445£540
Half Legs, Brazilian/ Hollywood and Underarms£195£640£780
Full Legs, Brazilian/ Hollywood and Underarms£210£690£840
 Per SessionCourse of 6Course of 8
Full Body (Female)£400£990£1,190
Full Face and Body (Female)£500£1,190£1,390
Full Body (Male)£500£1,190£1,390
Full Face and Body (Male)£600£1,390£1,590
**Hollywood / Brazilian for females only. Male full body doesn't include Hollywood/Brazilian Bikini

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